June 10, 2010

Creative Networking at Music Events

(Photo via Orin Zebest)

I've been to a couple of large music festivals in the last few months - first there was the Miami Winter Music Conference, and recently the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Both were great places to meet up with old colleagues, DJ / producer / performing peers, and establish new contacts.

This got me thinking about networking among musicians. Such events are often spread across several days, and between the seas of new faces and wads of business cards, it can all get a bit confusing. Don't do what I did in Miami: When people ask "What are you working on now?", you say, "erm... I've nearly finished an EP and it is kinda pitched down but deep and like 80s influenced but still dubby and groovy". Take CDs, or USB sticks, or free download cards. You want to go, "BAM. Here's where I'm at, what I sound like and how you can find more of me". Being organised (unlike myself) and having something slightly different to give out on your travels will often go a long way. One of the best examples I saw of this was from house music DJ/ Producer Joshua Iz, who printed out specific cards for the Miami event. Giving your potential collaborators or consumers an extra reason to hold on to them is a smart move too...

Exhibit one...

June 08, 2010

DEMF 2010 in Photos

This past weekend I hit the road to Detroit to check out the 10th year of the Electronic Music Festival. Now going by the name of 'Movement', the event is three days of electronic techno goodness. All photos (c) Lee Jarvis. All Rights Reserved.


lee jarvis demf 1 jamie jones
Jamie Jones

lee jarvis demf 3 theo parish.lee jarvis demf 2 matthew richie hawtin.lee jarvis demf 4 josh wink
Theo Parrish // Matthew and Richie Hawtin // Josh Wink

lee jarvis demf 5 plastikman

lee jarvis demf 6 plastikman.lee jarvis demf 7 plastikman.lee jarvis demf 8 plastikman
Plastikman // Plastikman //Plastikman