December 31, 2007

DLC in London

Saturday night was a bit of a pre-NYE treat for us London Jackers.... Derrick Carter stopped off to play a gig at Turnmills before his NYE party in Edinburgh, so me and Jon "Crazy Eyes" Fynn popped along to have a good ol' boogie with the king of Boompty. Once there I danced my ass off with all the usual suspects from previous moochin parties - Andy, Hun, Mikee, Jess and co.

DLC stuck around afterwards, drinking and chatting with us all, and he was a bloody nice guy to hang out with. All i need to do now is to save some cash to get him along to a Moochin party ;)

December 14, 2007

New tunage....

I've had a good coupla weeks finishing some new tunes, and getting a couple of the last batch signed up to labels. Here's a bit of a rundown of my early 2008 releases... they are all up on myspace so check them out. The new ones are...

All I Need [unsigned]

Trippin [unsigned]

Keep ya neck boppin [unsigned]

Ghetto Cowboy [Trendy Mullet]

John Larner - Deep Disco (Lee Jarvis Mooched-Up mix) [Fazed Music]

Plus, these lot have now found a home - all release dates TBC

Jacken Ze Housen [Trendy Mullet]

Right There [Clean House Music]

Funkie Ass Junkie [Digifunk]

Lee Jarvis & Jon Fynn - Chicago [PBR Recs]

My Perogadub [Dirty Boots]

AND, i'm working on a couple of new collaborations, an EP for Comfortably Numbed, plus more remixes for Revolutionary Music, Clean House, Trendy Mullet and Digifunk. Phew, i've been busy!


ps - don't forget moochin NYE with lil' mark, giom, quirk burglars, lee jarvis, giles butler, plus other rooms include trevor loveys, riva starr, colin dale, nils hess, JB & many more.

Info - lee (at) moochin (dot) biz

Moochin Rm2 @ The Island

This venue needed a bit of a facelift, and they've done it bloody well! Now called The Island, our friends Paul Jackson and Phil Drummond (the P+P music factory) invited us Moochers to host their second room, and I, in turn, invited Claudio AM and Jon Fynn to spin for us. They both did us very proud, pumping out some deep n techy jackin sounds all through the night.

Fletcher stayed round mine that weekend and it turned into one of our "unique" experiences involving drunken chess, a rib shack, going onto the River Thames "beach" when the tide was out, and finding a bar in an old Water pumping station building.

Chicago Muthafunkers!

Ok, it's official, Chicago is awesome. Thanks to my man Shifty Johnson and Brian for sorting out a lil gig at Bootlegged Fridays @ Moonshine on the Friday night. We left there very jetlagged and rather drunk, but it was great fun.

Saturday, after a lazy afternoon strolling around downtown, we checked out the bar on the 96th floor of the Hancock tower, and then we stuffed ourselves at a Sushi restuarant that i've forgotten the name of.
After that, it was on to Smart Bar, quite possibly the ultimate club. Huge DJ booth, one big dark square dancefloor. Oh yeah, and cheap drinks! :) Ricardo Rae, Kaskade and James Amato doing the damage that night.

Sunday meant brunch with friends, and a river and lake tour, and more eating and drinking that night. Monday, a quick trip around the Business School campuses, Lincoln Park Zoo, yet more stuffing of faces (phew!) and shopping downtown.
I had a fantastic time and i know i'm going to be back again soon.

November 15, 2007

Good morning bloggers!

So, I've decided to see what all this blogging nonsense is about and start something here. I'll probably use it to keep you up to date with my gigs, travels, and any funny stuff that i come across on t'interweb.

OK then, let's get cracking.....

L x