March 27, 2010

New Berkleemusic Online Music Marketing Courses and a Music Marketing Book

I'm a fan of Berkleemusic, the online school of the esteemed Berklee College of Music, and often read many of the great blogs from David Kusek, Mike King and co.

Berklee recently launched their Winter 2010 term with two new music marketing courses available; Online Music Marketing with Topspin (co-authored by King and Topspin’s Shamal Ranasinghe), and Online Music Marketing: Campaign Strategies, Social Media, and Digital Distribution.

Having studied several of their courses, I know that the Berkleemusic system is a good one, and these new courses have inspired me to sign up again next term.

In the fast-moving, ever-evolving new music industry, I see digital marketing strategies being of huge importance. Artists need to do as much groundwork as possible themselves, and when they cannot, know the correct people and resources to help. Being efficient at selling your music online, and building your fan base with social networking communities is critical for bands and musicians looking to make a living from their music and music-related activities.


March 12, 2010

Mixcloud: Re-thinking Radio - One Million Streams Old

Mixcloud is a website dedicated to streaming music. The main difference is that they focus on radio content as opposed to individual singles. Put simply, in their words, Mixcloud "helps connect radio content to listeners more effectively". By hosting radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes in the 'cloud' (without software or storage), the audio is available to listen to on-demand and instantly, whereas podcasts require downloading to a hard drive. Uploaded audio is therefore referred to as 'Cloudcasts', and saves the owner or listener using slow and restrictive file hosting websites.

Having an efficient and clean uploading process and a strong search function, Mixcloud has the two pronged attack of helping content creators promote and helping listeners discover the audio that they want to hear. I have been using the site myself for nearly a year now, and have found that broadcasting is easy (and free!), and listening and discovering is an enjoyable experience. For more info, check the 'What is Mixcloud?' video after the jump...


March 11, 2010

MIDEM 2010 Round-up


January saw a "highly productive and optimistic" MIDEM 2010 conference take place in Cannes. The event had kicked off with the "New Models At Work" panel session, with Amanda Palmer speaking about her 2009 self-funded solo album, and her online community of fans. Hal Ritson from The Young Punx added that artists need to "get some emotional contact with [the people listening to their music]" and that music bloggers giving away free downloads should be viewed as the modern equivalent of radio promo. Starting with an inspirational DIY discussion is great, but I'm sure people were looking for other ways to get involved, as each artist's strategy will be completely different.

Luckily, there was a diverse set of panelists and topics; with video games and mobile device apps being two major industries in the future of music, as well as possible revenue streams for artists, I am glad to see that those topics were of great importance, and even had specific discussion panels (see below). One of the quotes from the 'Apps' panel became the most retweeted live posts of the conference... the news that "Shazam #App is selling 300,000 songs a DAY via iTunes".


March 05, 2010

Ok Go New Music Video Premiere

ok go

Chicago-based indie rockers OK Go caused a sensation with the video for their 2006 song "Here It Goes Again". The video featured a choreographed treadmill dance routine, and reached nearly 50 million views on Youtube, and inspired scores of remakes. The band became the perfect example of viral marketing in the new music industry.

So, any follow-up would be a tough task, and would need to be a pretty impressive video. "This Too Shall Pass" premiered yesterday, and has received some great reviews so far. The latest project collaborated with Syyn Labs on a two-story Rube Goldberg machine. The machine, constructed in a warehouse in Echo Park, keeps perfect time with the band's latest single "This Too Shall Pass," thrashing TV sets, dropping pianos, launching paper airplanes, blasting paint, and much more in spectacular synchronicity with the song.

Check it out here...

March 02, 2010

Reactive Music

little boots promo

What is reactive music? Well, it is music that responds to it's surrounding environment and manipulates the sound accordingly. A simple example, is whilst playing music through your iPhone, you can effect the sound with different swinging and shaking movements. Essentially, it enables you to remix songs live and create a different recording every time.

RjDj is an iPhone app and web platform operated by the team at Reality Jockey Ltd. They hope to create a buzz around reactive music and turn it into a consumer format. The startup launched its own free app last year that offers an ever-changing variety of tracks and effects. Below is a video explaining some of the options.


March 01, 2010


It's been a couple of months without the monthly updates. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. I kinda realise that my friends don't actually live in my computer and I was out there getting up to mischief on a regular basis.

December kicked off with of my favourite gigs ever. I was invited up to Minneapolis to play for Hotdish. The guys looked after me so well and the crowd were so into hearing great music, old and new, that it really reminded me of the Moochin parties of old. I even met Jack the Snowman. *le sigh* I'll be heading back there this summer.