March 01, 2010


It's been a couple of months without the monthly updates. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. I kinda realise that my friends don't actually live in my computer and I was out there getting up to mischief on a regular basis.

December kicked off with of my favourite gigs ever. I was invited up to Minneapolis to play for Hotdish. The guys looked after me so well and the crowd were so into hearing great music, old and new, that it really reminded me of the Moochin parties of old. I even met Jack the Snowman. *le sigh* I'll be heading back there this summer.


I then decided to spend most of my free time on planes. I went to the UK for a few days at Xmas, then back to Chicago. Two days later I went and rescued a fair maiden in California. Back to Chicago. Two weeks after that I headed off to Japan for one of my best vacations ever. Moochers Kelvin and Fletcher were meeting out there for a snowboarding trip, and also a small resurrection of the good ship Moochin, in the town of Hakuba. Good times. We did well, and it was amazing that everything just fell into place liek we used to. Hopefully the next trip out there will include a few more gigs in Tokyo / Osaka.

Before that trip, I opened up at Darkroom for the Lake Street Collective party in January. Revolutionary Music head poncho Jeremiah Seraphine and I are working on developing a new sound, exploring fresh inspirations and ultimately, we are launching a new regular gig in March. Check the DJ Lee Jarvis Facebook / Twitter for daily updates. The January LSC was packed, and lots of fun. Thanks to all the Chicago peeps who came along to support! Here's Bryan Ford & Goulet performing live at the night.

February saw the party monsters of Hotdish head down to Chicago. I spun with them at Jeff Bloom's regular Friday night at Uptown Lounge. Drunken fun ensued.

Between all that and putting the final touches to a new remix for SmokinGroove, plus a pitched-down-sexy-deep-house EP means BAM! Hello March.

That's it for now, see you next month (honest).

(Last month - Lee J the DJ Nov'09 - Funky Thang / Chart-y Thang / Gig-gy Thang)

Lee Jarvis.

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