March 02, 2010

Reactive Music

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What is reactive music? Well, it is music that responds to it's surrounding environment and manipulates the sound accordingly. A simple example, is whilst playing music through your iPhone, you can effect the sound with different swinging and shaking movements. Essentially, it enables you to remix songs live and create a different recording every time.

RjDj is an iPhone app and web platform operated by the team at Reality Jockey Ltd. They hope to create a buzz around reactive music and turn it into a consumer format. The startup launched its own free app last year that offers an ever-changing variety of tracks and effects. Below is a video explaining some of the options.


RjDj recently teamed up with UK pop singer Little Boots in the hope of spreading the word further. Little Boots made her name in part by uploading videos of her jamming on experimental instruments such as the Tenori-on.

In this collaboration, RjDj took three different tracks from Little Boots' recent album and involved them in an app with various reactions. On one track, you can apply different effects using your mobile device's sensors and microphone i.e. jumping around with it in your pocket or talking will affect the sound output. Another uses the microphone to overlay sounds of your surroundings into the music.

You can download the app here.

While RjDj is not making any outrageous claims of being the saviour of the industry, it is doing something forward-thinking by involving fans and music consumers and giving them an active part in the music playing and listening experience. This kind of thinking and involvement is definitely going to play a huge part in the coming years.

Lee Jarvis.

(Originally posted at UK Music Jobs' music industry blog)

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