December 14, 2007

New tunage....

I've had a good coupla weeks finishing some new tunes, and getting a couple of the last batch signed up to labels. Here's a bit of a rundown of my early 2008 releases... they are all up on myspace so check them out. The new ones are...

All I Need [unsigned]

Trippin [unsigned]

Keep ya neck boppin [unsigned]

Ghetto Cowboy [Trendy Mullet]

John Larner - Deep Disco (Lee Jarvis Mooched-Up mix) [Fazed Music]

Plus, these lot have now found a home - all release dates TBC

Jacken Ze Housen [Trendy Mullet]

Right There [Clean House Music]

Funkie Ass Junkie [Digifunk]

Lee Jarvis & Jon Fynn - Chicago [PBR Recs]

My Perogadub [Dirty Boots]

AND, i'm working on a couple of new collaborations, an EP for Comfortably Numbed, plus more remixes for Revolutionary Music, Clean House, Trendy Mullet and Digifunk. Phew, i've been busy!


ps - don't forget moochin NYE with lil' mark, giom, quirk burglars, lee jarvis, giles butler, plus other rooms include trevor loveys, riva starr, colin dale, nils hess, JB & many more.

Info - lee (at) moochin (dot) biz

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