February 09, 2009

Build a following without a record label

Traditionally, most artists and bands would dream of getting a record contract. In the modern digital music world, this aim has diminished, as it is no longer a necessary part of a successful music career. The most important part of your music career today is the ability to build a following. If you think that’s not possible without a major label spending big bucks on your marketing campaign then think again, and think ‘online’.

The internet has brought together networks of people who are geographically spread far and wide, and with a good online promotion plan you can provide a place for them to socialise on the web and ultimately become loyal fans. Artists are managing to do this with success on many levels, in all genres. Scouting for Girls built their reputation on social networking sites (plus their performance at the UK Music Jobs launch party!), and once their fans and followers started to increase, so did media interest. Both of those can....

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Lee Jarvis.

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