October 26, 2009

Lee J the DJ Oct'09 - New Studio Purchase / New Remixes / New York DJ and Production School

So, I decided to finally start posting some happenings of my own musical career. Just once a month, you'll get a brief update of any projects I'm working on, upcoming gigs, people I've seen perform live, exciting industry stories that have come my way and other various personal ramblings. (I also have a DJ Lee Jarvis Facebook fan page for more regular updates and feedback).

Lee J the DJ Oct'09

New Studio Purchase
I've had a busy month with moving house, but that lead to a new room for my studio, and so to a new pair of monitor speakers to be purchased. After some research, some friendly suggestions and some budget planning, I had a shortlist of the KRK Rokit 6s, the Mackie MR5s and the Alesis M1 mkIIs. I had used the Alesis before back in the UK, have always loved the sound of Mackies, and the Rokit series came very highly recommended. My local Guitar Centre had all 3 in stock and ready to demo, and off I went. Unfortunately, whilst I was preferring the sound of the Mackie MR5s, I didn't know if the 5" cone could recreate the necessary bass frequencies I worked with within electronic music....

...and so I blew my budget and went for the MR8s instead :)

New Remixes
And so, with my new toys installed, I got to work on some production work, completing several remix projects. I have a remix of Chemars' Funky Thang out on Deep East Records on November 25th, and also a remix of Rob Davy's Bout Dis due out next year. Stay tuned for samples and links.

I've just had another remix released on UK label Lost My Dog. Listen here:-

Danny Stott - Bunker (Lee Jarvis' Secret Kelvedon Hideout Remix) (320promo) by Lee Jarvis

OUT NOW! Buy at Beatport / Stompy / Traxsource / DJ Download / Juno Download / Primal

New York DJ and Production School
Finally, I went to New York this month and met with a leading DJ and Production school called Dubspot. Dubspot is an innovative electronic music production & DJ institute. As one of the first Ableton Certified Training Centers in the world, DubSpot has become the premier music school for both experienced & aspiring artists alike. Most importantly, Dubspot is a growing community of musicians, visual artists, DJs, audio technology professionals, industry veteran producers, & enthusiasts of all genres who all have one thing in common - a passion for music.

Dubspot have an incredible selection of top class equipment, truly talented tutors and a work team with an amazing attitude - to the school, their students and music as a whole. I'll be reporting more on them in coming weeks as they are involved in some exciting projects and I see them as one of the best in their field in the US.

That's it for October, see you next month!

Lee Jarvis.

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