April 08, 2010

Tour:Smart PLUS April '10

Tour:Smart is the brainchild of Martin Atkins and the Revolution Number 3 crew. It is a book, a variety of speaking events, a blog, videos, and a whole heap of advice aimed at helping you avoid falling off the radar and into the bottomless pit of wannabee musicians in the new music industry.

The three day in-depth seminar known as Tour:Smart PLUS is a whirlwind of mini-events that will teach you everything you need to prepare yourself for a career in the battlefield that is the music industry, from online marketing to printing your own T-shirts, to touring the Mid-west and much more. The knowledge and tips at the weekend will change the way you view your music and the way you approach every part of being a musician in the most modern and complete sense of the word. How do I know this? I attended a Tour:Smart PLUS last year.

This weekend, starting 7pm Friday (9th), and lasting until 7pm Sunday (11th), sees another flurry of activity, and this time I've been asked to contribute as part of the 7-11 panel. Myself and several other panelists each have 11 minutes to share our '7 tips for the music industry'. Having a pretty free role, I will be sharing advice on marketing for the independent musician, touching on work ethics, social media and more.


There's still some time to register for the event this weekend. If you really can't make it then make sure you check out a future weekend. I swear it will be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make about your music career.

Lee Jarvis.

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