March 12, 2009

The future of remixing?

I have recently discovered the genius of Kutiman and his incredible Thru-You project. He has created brand new songs and videos by remixing various unrelated Youtube music clips. I'm just hoping that the music industry (Youtube, PRS, various labels etc) will share my view that this guy is a huge talent and not a criminal for doing so.

After my recent Creative Commons post (or maybe just before, I can't remember!), Lawrence Lessig appeared on the Colbert Report, and in between the usual top-notch humour managed to instigate a remix frenzy of said interview with various dance beats. Colbert (knowingly) fuelled the fire further by explicitly stating that people did NOT have his permission to do so. After the huge publicity that generated for all parties he (and Comedy Central) also went on to create his own remix.

This was a great example of the kind of fun and creativity that people can generate and share with a bit of open-mindedness. Kutiman takes this to another level with the amount if skill that he has to craft these videos and tracks, and any clued-up label scout should snap him up for some kind of project. As Merlin Mann says over at 43 folders, "somebody will figure out (and publicly admit) that Kutiman, and any number of his peers on the “To-Sue” list, should be passed from Legal down to A&R". This really could be the future of remixing, and is a culture that should be welcomed, and talent nurtured. Copyright is still a major issue for the old-school players, whereas the new wave of talented, forward-thinking artists and companies are embracing a new way of discovering, creating and remixing that is the future of the industry. Artist must learn to make income from several revenue streams - i.e. make money because of their music, not directly from it, and be prepared to use it as a promotion tool (Giving it away and Going Indie).

Out-of-date copyright laws need to be changed, and the shift in power that we are already seeing towards a sharing yet respectful culture should be embraced from all parties. Those resistant to it will be left behind (and lose millions of dollars in the process *cough* major labels *cough*).

I thought i'd share some of the Thru-You project videos here for you to enjoy. Please add your thoughts in the comment section below :)

Lee Jarvis.


Jon said...

ha ha!thats awesome!good find jarvis!

robert said...

What a find, inspiring -= bobzilla