March 12, 2009

Media, Entertainment and Technology Summit 2009, Chicago: Part 1 - Panel sessions

This was the first MET summit, organised by Chicago Booth GSB Students and held at the Harper Center, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who considered it a great success. The summit focused on Media, Entertainment and Technology (there's the 'M', 'E' and 'T' for those of you paying attention), and featured some well chosen panelists and keynote speakers from a variety of backgrounds. I chose to follow the Social Entertainment and Music panels and will touch on them here as I feel they all shared good advice that you can apply to promotion of your music career / artist management / online marketing / record labels and much more. (note: Part 2 next week will go into the keynote speeches)

Session 1.....

Full review at The premier online community for US music industry professionals.

For more info on each of the panelists and keynote speakers, as well as general MET summit details is at, and I strongly suggest that you keep an eye out for next year's event; if it is carried out as passionately and as smoothly as this year's then I see it being a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge and a key event to forge interesting relationships with intelligent forward-thinking media companies in 2010.

Lee Jarvis.

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