November 19, 2009

Soundcloud - Music streaming, sharing, distribution... now mobile with iPhone app too

Soundcloud is possibly my favourite music website. I use it at least every week for a variety of music purposes. I love the clean feel of the site and the intuitive simple functions. It is such a user-friendly and well evolved website, that it is hard to believe they are just celebrating their 1st birthday. As any kind of musician, label owner, radio / podcast show host and more, Soundcloud is a great way to send and receive music, and it provides an efficient way to distribute, privately or publicly. It is becoming a hugely popular tool, and yet their friendly nature is still seen across the site. In their words, "We're a few people who moved from Stockholm to Berlin, found some more cool people there and set up a small company to create the best dedicated music site in the world."

Quick Facts
* SoundCloud is an online audio platform for music professionals that makes sending and receiving music simple and efficient.
* Accounts are available to everyone.
* SoundCloud is in use by many of the worlds leading electronic music producers and labels.
* Some people think of SoundCloud as an email application but for music, and with a play button.
* Founded in 2007 by Swedes Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss and based in Berlin–Mitte, Germany.

How Does it Work?
The easiest way I can explain, is to show you via one of their friendly videos: The Soundcloud Tour.

Take the tour and

Using their embeddable music player is a great way to promote your music. The code is easily found once your song and details are uploaded, and simple to paste around the web. For example, here is a recent deep house remix that I produced for UK label, Lost My Dog.

Danny Stott - Bunker (Lee Jarvis' Secret Kelvedon Hideout Remix) (320promo) by Lee Jarvis

Personally, I find this a much easier way than directing music fans to a (now overloaded) Myspace page, plus you are able to display the payer in blogs with ease. Using the Soundcloud Facebook App is also incredibly easy, gaining further recognition for your music on a popular social networking site. Allowing DJs, tastemakers, label owners, friends and co-artists to download your music from the site does away with the need for uploading and sending links that soon expire or FTP log-ins. As the Soundcloud guys put it, " Music is just kind of tricky to deal with over email. So, we thought we'd change that. SoundCloud is our way of doing it."

iPhone app
What next for the Soundcloud team? Obviously, mobile markets are going to be a huge development to most of the music industry, and so that's where they went, announcing their iPhone App last week.

soundcloud iphone
Having received endless feedback from their users, Soundcloud acted upon on of the most popular requests and have built an app allowing you to listen to your own uploaded tracks, as well those sent by people you follow, and tracks sent to your dropbox. It also lets you mark any of these as favourites, and send your tracks via email to anyone in your mobile address book.

Currently priced at €0.79 or $0.99 the app is available from the app store. Although only the first version, I'm sure they will continue to develop this the way they have the full website, and look forward to more announcements over the next year.

Lee Jarvis.

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SoundCloud said...


Today we released the Android version of SoundCloud App. The application is called "SoundCloud Mobile". Would it be possible for you to review it?

You will be able to listen to your favorite music tracks, browse or search for tracks from other artists, groups or genres, and keep finding new music to listen to on SoundCloud while on the go! Follow other users, view their profiles, share, and comment on tunes directly from your Android phone.

Features include:
1. Browse user profile
2. Browse by tracks, users, groups, genre
3. Follow/Unfollow other users
4. Listen to all tracks
5. Favorite Tracks
6. Add comments to tracks
7. Share Tracks
8. Contextual Search for tracks, users, groups, genre

- Gaurav Mehta
Dirty Water Labs