May 05, 2010

Lee J the DJ Apr'10 - Deep House, Presentations and Clouds

April kicked off with a gig here in Chicago - Mi Casa Su Casa @ Between Lounge. Giom and Mes were here on tour from London and San Fran, and so they came along to hang out. Very cool night, i played it nice and deep and techy, after some great music from Greg K. Hope to be back there again, I love that vibe and that sound.


I was also asked to participate in the Tour:Smart PLUS 7-11 panel discussion, so called becasue the chosen panelists have 11 minutes each to present their top 7 tips for the music industry to a room of independent musicians and music professionals. I touched on marketing and promotion, and also general work ethics that are needed to get ahead. I'll hopefully have a copy of the video to post here with full transcript soon.

I've spent a lot of time working on productions and have a few new things to start sending out soon. I'll get some samples up online to post here this in the coming weeks. Giom stopped over on his way back from the West Coast leg of his tour. He hadn't planned to, it was "becauze of ze damn cloud!" We ended up jamming on a track though, so we'll see what comes of that.

That's about it - a mixed bag of happenings as always! Here's to a productive May...

(Last month - Lee J the DJ Mar'10 - Pelicans, Pool Parties and Pina Coladas, oh Miami!)

Lee Jarvis.

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