July 19, 2010

Chicago Promoters' Ordinance Kills Independent Music

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The good people of JaGoFF spend a lot of time on worthy causes. Over the last couple of years, Chicago has been under threat of an ill-conceived 'Chicago Promoters' Ordinance' and the JaGoFF crew have been raising awareness, pointing out the huge holes an ridiculous impact it would have. This Promoters' Ordinance, if passed into law, would effectively "drop a bomb on Chicago's independent music community, if not nuke it entirely." according to Jim DeRogatis at the Chicago Sun-Times.

To break it down:
*You would be required to submit to fingerprinting and background checks.
*If approved, you would be required to purchase a renewable license for $500 - $2000, even when working with a fully licensed venue.
*You must acquire $300,000 in liability insurance, even if working with a fully insured venue.
*You must notify chief of police seven days prior to event.
*The definition of "promoter" is vague and open to wide interpretation.
*The Ordinance targets the little guy while providing a big business exemption.

Although the Ordinance has currently been tabled, that does not mean it has disappeared; it can rear it's ugly head in a mutated form at any time. It has also inspired Philadelphia to try and construct an equally-ridiculous set of rules that will crush the independent creative community.

JaGoFF have filmed a documentary to prove it. Do yourself and everyone a favor - Watch it, embed it, download it, share it... DO SOMETHING about it.

The Chicago Promoters' Ordinance Kills Independent Music: A Documentary from the Street.
Part 01 of 07 (Head to The Record Industry's Youtube Channel for all seven parts)


Filmed live in Chicago by: Sir Real, MOFO, 3Phaze & Joel Cote in the summer of 2008.
Produced & Directed by: JaGoFF
Presented in conjunction with: TheRecordIndustry.com
Film narration contains select excerpts from the white paper: "Why Chicago's Event Promoters Ordinance Should Be Rejected" - courtesy of: Henry H. Perritt, Jr.; Professor of Law & Former Dean of Chicago Kent School of Law.

NOTE: All issues discussed reflect the time of filming and may not include recent revisions resulting from ongoing closed-door negotiations with "invited" members of the entertainment industry. However, the proposed ordinance as written is unconstitutional and should not pass in ANY form whatsoever.

Reaction to the ordinance:
"... a threat to the creative communities throughout the country and sets a very dangerous precedent - as one city goes, so goes another. Rinse and repeat." - TheRecordIndustry.com

"... will pretty much drop a bomb on Chicago's independent music community, if not nuke it entirely." - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun-Times

"... it doesn't meet any public need and is very ill-suited to Chicago's independent music community - as written, it is unconstitutional." - Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

"I cannot imagine a major metropolitan city, a world class city with the stature of Chicago having an ordinance like this on the books. It's frankly embarrassing ..." - Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

"this really has a chilling effect..." - Shawn Campbell, CHIRP [Chicago Independent Radio Project]

"The ordinance will reduce the amount of music in Chicago, make events more expensive for consumers, dampen the large and growing economic engine that is Chicago music, and create a much less supportive business climate for Chicago's small music business community." - The Chicago Music Commission

For more info on the Promoters' Ordinance and what you can do to help visit: http://www.TheRecordIndustry.com/

Lee Jarvis

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Ash Verschuur said...

That's not right. I'd be sure to play my part if I was in Chicago... Thank fuck I'm not by the sounds of it :)