August 09, 2010

Bad Publicity?

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No such thing, right? Often, even bad press is good news.

Browsing through music website Resident Advisor recently, I stumbled into the 'New Singles Review' area, and found an artist I generally liked, with a pretty bad review. It kicked off with "Whether or not a rehash of someone else's work is deserving of review is debatable." The review inspired 80 comments in three days (average for the site is anything from 2-20, depending on preceding reputation.) The comments ranged from disagreement ("track of the year so far"), to outrage, to confusion, to agreement ("total garbage"), to death threats (well, nearly, they are a feisty bunch at RA) to the profound "makes my nips hard".

Ultimately a LOT of people wanted to know what the fuss was all about; whatever your previous views on the artist at review (if any), you want to listen to the tracks at question and have your say. And now, by reading this, you want to listen to the track and figure out what the hell is going on... well there you go. There's no such thing as bad publicity (Disclaimer: in this case.)

Don't be put out next time you earn a bad review.

Soul Clap - R&B Edits

(Resident Advisor review)

Lee Jarvis.

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