October 28, 2008


Well, I'm sure every artist will agree that for every day that you are awesomely inspired, you will also hit a serious wall.

Today has been really tough. Musically and otherwise. And yeah, some songs you listen to just make it tougher, but you know you've got to get through it and that sometimes you like the songs that hurt, so the only thing you can turn to is the music. Ironic? Maybe. F*cked Up? Definitely.

There's one artist who's albums have never left my side since I discovered him 13 years ago. What was a 12 year old white kid doing listening to Neo-soul when his whole school was only into Blur? I have no idea, but this guy's music speaks volumes to me, and never fails to stir emotions, those that hurt and those that heal. So, it's always a roller-coaster, but I conquer my walls with some help from D'Angelo...

Hurt: One Mo' gin
(I miss your smile, your mouth, your laughter)

Heal: Spanish Joint
(Serene but in need of feelin free, letting go and landing on my feet,
brushed the dirt off my back, no time flat, gonna be a good thing)


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