June 03, 2009

I'm back! ...and I'm off again, to Un-Convention Manchester

Apologies for a lack of blogging recently, a number of reason, and all music-related so I'll fill you in...

I've been DJing a fair bit, at a label showcase in a warehouse in Chicago, a fun trip up to Madison, Wisconsin, and then back to Chicago again for my debut at Smart Bar. That soon eats away at your working / sleeping regular hours. Then I flew to London, and tomorrow I'm on a train up to Manchester, then over to Newcastle and back south again. phew.

But, all is well, and tomorrow will see the start of Un-Convention Manchester, hence my continued travels. The Un-Convention way of thinking is something I latched onto very quickly, and why I am so excited to head along and get involved with the like-minded folk there. In their words, "Un-convention is a new music industry event. It’s about being independent. It’s about facing up to the current changing music scene and looking for innovative and creative solutions. It’s about discussion, debate and most of all – meeting new people with different perspectives and sharing knowledge, experience and contacts". You can see why I'm so keen to get there ;-)

You can still buy tickets and I strongly suggest you get along to any part of the event that you can, even if it's just one day panel or networking, although if you can't, then check back in at the blog here, or follow my Twitter or Facebook updates, as I'll be attempting to document as much of the idea-sharing, trend-mongering and ground-breaking collaborating as possible.

Oh yes, and there will be cake.

Lee Jarvis.

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