November 10, 2008

AC/DC album news – the physical revolution?

...From Guns n Roses to AC/DC! Yes, we really are keeping up with the times! It’s funny how these, ahem, ‘mature’ bands are leading the way with their music strategies.

Anywho, I thought I’d report on the Young Brothers and co, because they recently took a stand against iTunes. They believed that an album should not be able to be broken down and purchased as individual tracks. Something that Apple is very sure should be able to happen, and something that I am sitting on the fence about. If you are going to make a ‘proper’ album (and I wouldn’t do it any other way), then...

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Penny Distribution said...

Nice post - I'd have to disagree with the fact the DC are leading the way for anyone but themselves and other "heritage" acts.

I'd fully agree with the reluctance to "unbundle" the album - but again, you need the kind of big balls AC/DC has to really get away with locking your content down completely and sticking your hand out for the whole album - even Radiohead couldn't get away with that forever.

My worry would be that a low-to-mid-level artist might see such a deal as a viable alternative to current music distribution methods - and really hurt themselves in the process.

My thoughts on "leading the way" in this space - superserve the fan - - and make them feel part of something -

Lee Jarvis said...

Thanks for the insightful comment, much appreciated! I definitely see your point about AC/DC being in a unique position and this not being a viable alternative for the vast majority of artists. I guess I tried to say that their plan wasn't an obvious option in today's digital age, and artists should keep their mind open to all possibilities. I'm sure there will be some great digital strategies that I'll try and point out soon ;)