November 05, 2008

A chance...

No prizes for guessing the (off)topic today. Where were you when a man landed on the moon? Well, I wasn't born for another 14 years, but people will be saying to me, 'Where were you when Obama won?'. Unfortunately I wasn't in Grant Park, but I had a 'source' there ;) and did enjoy watching the scenes live on the BBC (I do love the BBC).

Putting the historical nature of the first black president aside, I am excited for another reason. Also putting aside his charisma and public speaking talents (great leader qualities though they are), I am actually excited about the words this chap is coming out with. He has great vision and explains what is wrong with *healthcare/ economics/ environment/ overseas policies (*delete as appropriate), then explains what he wants to do to fix them. No matter what party you are, or what race you are, or even what country you are from, it's been a long time since a politician has done that.

This is now the chance everyone has hoped for, to move forward and create a strong future. Doing it together means we support each other's weaknesses, and rejoice in each other's strengths. It makes the journey so much sweeter.

Everyone deserves a chance to do that.


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